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Bucked Island

Bucked Island is a place to learn and have fun together. You will dive into different adventures on different sides of Bucked Island. You will organize the things by their concepts and make things easier for the Island. Go download Bucked Island and start your adventure!

Math Space

Math Space is an endless four operations practice game for everyone! There are 4 planets with a unique theme in the game which each aims to practice an operator. There is a boss with a question embedded in it and summoning minions with numbers. The player is trying to shoot the right answer every time and the game gets faster and questions get harder over time. There are three difficulty options in the game and one adaptive mode which gets harder if you play well enough but gets easier if you make mistakes. This mode is also an able player to unlock new skins for his/her spaceship! Go download Math Space and have fun!

Count with Bucked

Count With Bucked is a counting game designed for everyone! There are 3 different counting selections in the game Consecutive, Even, and Odd. There are 3 options for each selection. You can count 1 to 48, or in reverse order, or in a limited time! Go download Count With Bucked and try your attention skills!

Count with Bucked X

Count with Bucked X is a standalone expansion of Count with Bucked. CwBX is aiming to make kids practice multipliers. The player selects the multiplier and counts the numbers in ascending order. To practice counting and times table download Count with Bucked X and enjoy!

Shape Sudoku

Shape Sudoku is a new approach to this old game and it changes everything about gameplay. Unlike the old one Bucked Sudoku allows you to scan the squares with their colors and shapes at the same time and gives a strategy freedom to you. Go download Shape Sudoku and have fun!

Beach Skater

Beach Skater is a 3D platformer casual runner game that aims to teach force types. The player is trying to reach the end game sequence at each level and push the other guys into the sea with a water gun. To do so he is collecting bottles of water during skating time. It is a fun and entertaining game. Go download Beach Skater and skate through obstacles and rails.

Trivia Flight

Trivia Flight is a trivia game that you can explore the world while racing with a plane. It is fun and teaching! Play now!

Trivia Drive TR

TriviaDrive TR is a quiz game where we compete between the cities of Turkey by answering questions. It's fun and educational! Come to the game!

Güven Çatak, PhD


Ahmet Can Yılmaz

Founder & CEO

Yavuz Samur, PhD


Bilal Balcı

Development & Operations Director

Duygu Akağız

Director of Marketing and Communications

Berkay Karakaya

Video Director

Kaan Topkara​

Game Designer & Operations Specialist

Ayşe Berfin Doğan

Game Developer

Talha Kuran

Game Developer

Tuna Çelik

Game Developer

Fatih Yavuz

Game Artist

Barkın Özkan

Game Artist / Animator

How we Work !

Bucked Games is a game studio which is founded to develop educational and child-friendly games. Our games include lots of fun without including, sexuality, and other kinds of things that are not appropriate for children. To achieve this goal we are collaborating with both game design and pedagogical specialists. The games that we design and publish are analyzed and approved by them in every step.

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